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Our Advisors

The Ruby Family Offices are an innovative investment company, fully committed to giving professional financial advice and managing clients’ money. We are dedicated to providing our clients with tailor-made solutions by selecting sound financial assets and managing balanced portfolios.

Pedro Gonzalez

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur, Private Money Lender, Physician Assistant, Pedro Gonzalez is an experienced businessman from Los Angeles, California. He received his BS in Biology from California State University, Los Angeles, while being named Los Angeles Councilman Richard Alatorre Scholar Awardee 3 times, a TELACU Scholar, and a California State Universities: Undergraduate Research Competition State Finalist. He went on to receive his Physician Assistant degree from the prestigious university of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. In 2006, he was named National Physician Assistant of the Year and was the youngest ever to receive this award. He has been a contributing Editor for the American Academy of Physician Assistants and California Academy of Physician Assistants magazines. He has been a board member of the Latino Diabetes Association and numerous non-profits that feed and clothe homeless, veterans.While at Homeboy Industries, he was offered the position of COO, as he was instrumental in the fundraising and expansion of FREE Laser Tattoo Removal and Bakery Training programs for the largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world. Pedro has received many awards including: City of Los Angeles, CA: Certificate of Appreciation for exemplary efforts; City of Lynwood, CA: Certificate of Appreciation for improving quality of life; and has been a featured individual: in multiple media outlets (ABC 7, USA Today, Despierta America, La Opinion, Orange County Register, etc. Having established extensive financial relationships in the private money sector, he was recruited and joined KGH Capital Group which specialized in project financing and in the commodities industry of both refined and crude products. This spawned the DBA Crowned Energy and in turn Black Rock Crude Partners in 2017. Since then he has been an integral part in the company’s growth by securing new major suppliers, buyers and finance opportunities.

Chenda Che

Co-Founder & Advisor

Mr. Chenda Che is a Businessman who has successfully created and managed a plethora of successful businesses in the last 20 years. His business acumen and ability to foresee future business tendencies, has brought him to proudly serve on the Advisory board of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce USA. Mr. Chenda co-founded as CEO Knot Consulting LLC. in the San Francisco Area, an organization that worked strategically with companies to help them establish in the business community and Online Tech Pros LLC. A company dedicated to guide and consult with companies that were entering the Online Marketing Arena thus helping them progress with a positive social footprint. He is currently CEO at Kenyan Copper Group LLC located in Irvine California; a company dedicated to asset trading consulting. Additionally, Mr. Che serves as VP of Marketing and Sales for Turtle Bay Investments, LLC. a company that focuses on the development of humanitarian projects. A humanitarian at heart, Mr. Che, is involved in a wide variety of community activities and remains very active in his church activities.

Connie Hernandez

Co-Founder & Secretary

Connie Hernandez has been involved in the Real Estate and Financial Markets for over 30 years. In her early career as a District Account Manager for the commercial division for Sears and Roebuck she serviced accounts in new construction markets, Developers, Builders, Architects, and various Government agencies associated with HUD housing developments. In 2004 as one of the Co-Founder of By Referral Real Estate she was the CFO and Administrator for a full-service office of over 100 Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers. As Administrator she managed the day to day operation for the Real Estate the Mortgage Division, Broker Escrow and Insurance Services. Currently Connie Hernandez owns and operates Direct Lending Branches in several states and as Broker and CEO of HERN Real Estate and Associates is developing and expanding Nationwide Branches in Residential and Commercial Real Estate markets. As a Co-Founder and Chief Project Administrator for Ruby Family Office Asset Management Through Advance Technology. Connie Hernandez analyses on the Board of Directors advises the board on projects submitted by venture capitalist and principals in need of capital funding for SFR, MFD, and Commercial Developments, along with Green Projects in Domestic and International markets.

Verlin Sanciangco

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Founder & Managing Director at Wes Consulting Group Ltd., an international consulting firm specializing in funding global projects by assisting enterprises with raising capital for their projects and providing advisory services in Blockchain Technology integration, while working closely with our partner Investors and Family Offices from UAE, EU, UK, USA, Africa, & ASIA. As part of our core business, we work with companies from all sectors and industries with all their capital requirements. We are connected to 50+ high value investors made up of Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Ultra High Net Worth Family Offices, Private Equity Funds, VC Funds and Royalty. Verlin merits itself with over two decades of business development experience ranging from various industries. We work with companies from all sectors, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Blockchain, Deep-Tech, Film, Agri-Tech, Impact Investments, and Sustainable Investments. Verlin has built a unique and strong international business connections from key financial market areas in Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, UK, EU, and USA. Verlin has taken part on international events in Singapore World Blockchain STO Summit 2020, Dubai Dragon Gateway & The Private Investment Group 2020, Tokyo Blockchain Powerhouse 2019, Manila Blockchain Powerhouse 2018, Vietnam Blockchain Powerhouse 2018, Mekong Blockchain Powerhouse 2018, Asia Blockchain Summit 2018, Dubai Blockchain Summit 2018, San Francisco Dev-Con Hackathon 2018 and public services such as Kalinga “Outreach” Feeding Program, Marikina Philippines 2018, Kalinga “Outreach” Feeding Program, Balut Tondo Philippines 2018, Mang Den Pho, Komtum Province “Outreach” Feeding Program, Vietnam 2018, O.U.R. “Operation Underground Railroad”, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Ronald Mcdonald House of Charities Los Angeles, St. Luke’s Children’s Cancer Research Hospital, and LifeStream Blood Drive San Bernardino California 2017, 2018.

Michelle Long

Co-Founder & Director

Michelle Long is a serial entrepreneur having developed successfully businesses in the health product industry, environmental services, and consumer packaged goods within the State of California. Ms. Long, also manages a family investment firm titled, Turtle Bay Investments LLC which focuses on developing projects in area of positive contributions to global health, shelter, and agriculture. Additionally, Michelle Long is responsible for asset provenance and authenticity affidavits as transaction signatory. Ms. Long has 25 years of asset and property management leadership. She is active in her church and in a wide variety of community and philanthropic endeavors. Michelle Long is a United States citizen who was born in Cambodia and earned a BA degree from Delta College in Stockton, California.

Dennis Rodriguez

Project Development Advisor

Dennis Rodriguez, has been in the Advertising, Marketing, and Event Producing industry for more than two decades. During his tenure, Rodriguez has served as chief creative officer for multiple Hispanic advertising campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies. 1987, marks the year where Rodriguez begins his career as an International Soccer Game Producer and musical events. During the same year, Rodriguez was chosen to act as Chief Coordinator and Event Supervisor for the Quincentenial Celebration of the discovery of America at Spartan Stadium, in San José California. Such event was under the hospice and support of the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Several important sponsors such as: Procter & Gamble, Safeway stores, Coca Cola and Budweiser presented the event. Juan Gabriel and Mexican country singer legend, Lucha Villa were the main stars of the event. From 1988 through 1993, Rodriguez became Vice President of promotions for the agency that organized all of the friendly International matches as well as the Italy 1990 World Cup qualifying games for the USA National Soccer Team. Some of these matches included “The Rematch Series – LA REVANCHA” Chivas Mexico v.s. USA, and the historic match that took the USA to THE World Cup IN ITALY 1990, USA vs. Trinidad and Tobago In Los Angeles, California. In 1989, Rodriguez, once again accomplished one of his dreams when he organized, Real Madrid VS. México’s national team where Hugo Sánchez, México’s most popular player to date, played half time with each of the teams in the presence of a sold-out event at the Legendary Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In 1995, Rodriguez, organized the most successful soccer tours to date with Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, Aguilas del America, FAS del Salvador, Olimpia de Honduras and Saprisa de Costa Rica. In 1997 created and organized a complete sold-out event titled, Fiesta de Campeones: Chivas Mex vs. Napoli Italy, and Guatemala vs. El Salvador. In 1997, Rodriguez was named Official Sports Promoter for the United Nations- Committee of Peace, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.In 1997 through 2001, Rodriguez, once again hit a home run when he created and organized Viva Los Dodgers for one of the most important and popular Major League Baseball teams Los Angeles Dodgers. To date, such annual event has become the marketing marquee for the Major League Baseball Franchise, where year after year, showcases the most current and hottest Latino acts. In 2007 Rodriguez co-promoted and organized with PRO Entertainment, La Copa Panamericana Direct TV, in Phoenix Arizona, where six of the most popular teams from Latin America participated: Club America, (Mexico) Boca Jr’s, (Argentina) Cruz Azul, (Mexico) Deportivo Cali (Colombia) Alianza Lima (Peru) and Caracas FC. (Venezuela) In September of the same year, Rodriguez organized for Mexican conglomerate Corona beer, La Copa Independencia, Los Angeles. Santos Laguna, (MEX) FAS, (El Salvador) Marquense, (Guatemala) Motagua (Honduras.) and Soon after promoted “Blanco vs Beckham”, Chicago Fire vs L.A. Galaxy at SunDevil Stadium in Phoenix Arizona. As an international Soccer Promoter, Rodriguez has organized 68 major international soccer games in the USA. His most recent production Boca Juniors (Argentina) vs Xolos Tijuana, (Mexico) July 2019. Mr. Rodriguez has had the pleasure of having sponsorship support from some of the following fortune 500 companies: Proctor and Gamble, General Foods, Southland Corporation (7-11), SC Johnson Wax, Budweiser, Cerveza Corona, Post Cereals, Quaker Oats, Nestle Foods, Disneyland, Bank of America, Sparkletts water, LA Dodgers, Coca USA, Pepcid Complete, Mylanta, Ford Mercury, Toyota and the United States 2010 Census.

Ivano Stamegna

Real Estate Development Advisor

Ivano Stamegna is the CEO of Inland Development. He started out as a cement finisher & framer in the construction industry at the age of 17 while attending high school. When he was 22 he received his General Building Contractors license and started his own construction company. Presently, he has over 42 years of experience in the real estate industry with broad and extensive experience in land acquisition, land development, project financing, and construction. Although Ivano excels in commercial and high density residential, he also has a strong background in gated residential communities. Overall, Ivano has built over 6,000 residential units & over 630,000 square feet of commercial, retail, and industrial development across Southern California including over 30 multi-level residential projects with subterranean parking.

Mark Hernandez

Business Adviser

Mark Hernandez started his career in retail management, from there he was involved in building, recruiting, and training in multiple Network Marketing business. His focus as a Master Speaker and Trainer in the Insurance Financial markets became a great asset as the Co-Founder and Vice President of By Referral Real Estate. As an innovator he developed the first digital interactive full service Real Estate office in a Mall setting. Attracting not just Realtors but buyers and seller to a digital yet personal service. This Virtual Real Estate office served as an extension of the corporate office and was manned with Licensed Real Estate agents with accessibility to Sell or List any property in multiple markets. Currently Mark Hernandez as Vice President of HERN Real Estate and Associates is developing and expanding Nationwide Branches in Residential and Commercial Real Estate markets. As a Business Advisor for Ruby Family Office Asset Management Through Advance Technology. Mark Hernandez as an Advisor on the Board of Directors assist in reviewing potential projects submitted to the board, by venture capitalist and principals in need of capital funding for SFR, MFD, and Commercial Developments, along with Green Projects in Domestic and International markets.

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